Property Management FAQ

Yes, we can assist with the application process and implementing quality controls.
Our team offers regular inspection and frequently communicates via email and phone to keep you aware of any necessary situations.
We are available through phone or email. Our properties are only serviced by qualified and authorized vendors.
It depends on the location and time. We can provide you with data on similar properties to acquire an estimate.
We have quality, licensed vendors, and remain current with all the required codes affecting rental property. We have qualified property managers who are experienced and can take advantage of extensive resources. We also provide complete accounting.
Our property managers are educated in preserving and enhancing the values of your assets. As socioeconomic factors become more and more important, there is an integral need for highly-trained and experienced managers. The state of the economy, local and national legislation, tax regulations, energy and operating costs, local market conditions, controls and ordinances, public policies, population, and consumer trends… are just a handful of the influential elements we consider.